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Sheryl Lee all vamped out in John Carpenter's Vampires!!
the ugly aliens communicate with rolex watches in John Carpenter's They Live!!
Salma Hayek with a snake as Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn!!
the alien visitors from Close Encounters of the Third Kind!
Chow Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino in The Replacement Killers!
Zombies surround Morgan's house in The Last Man On Earth!
a picture of Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield in the tv show Prison Break!
a picture of John Wesley Shipp as The Flash!
the cast of Stargate Atlantis!

Zombies surround Morgan's house in The Last Man On Earth!
Zombies surround Morgan's house in The Last Man On Earth!
Why isn't [movie or show] on the site?
I get a lot of these. If something's cool and not on the site, it's probably on my to-add list. But it could be something I don't like too. A lot of people mention Army Of Darkness to me, for example. I hate all the Evil Dead movies, so you'll never see them here. I don't like Bruce Campbell either. I don't think he can act, and the Evil Dead movies are way too goofy. So if you're wondering if something's on my list, post your question and I'll let you know.

Creed! You guys rule, I love your music!
First of all, that's not even a question. But no, I have nothing to do with that band, and I don't even really listen to them either. I had this nick way before I ever heard of them. I picked it when I first got online over ten years ago. It's swiped from the last name of the family in Stephen King's Pet Sematary. The stonegate part just sounds cool.

[movie or show] sucks, why would you put that on your site?
That's the difference between us, you're you and I'm not. The closer your taste is to mine, the more you'll like the site. I don't expect everyone to love exactly the same stuff. But if you see a lot of stuff you like here, and see something you never knew about, give it a look!

Why are the graphics on your site broken, spliced, separated or otherwise glitchy?
Quick answer, they're not. I only build and check the site with Firefox. If you're using IE, and there's a problem somewhere, well that's IE for you. The site displays perfect with Firefox, if you have a problem, give Evil Bill the finger and trash IE for a better browser. I'm not going to work around any of IE's many flaws, it sucks and I don't use it.

What's with all the ads man, commercialism is not cool.
I couldn't agree more. The old Infinite Coolness Website was up for somewhere upwards of seven years without an ad anywhere. This new rebuilt site still isn't up to the traffic levels the old site had. But the old site was on various free space from TopTown [R.I.P.], FortuneCity, Angelfire, GeoCities, and a few even I can't remember. And there were lots of pictures, but most were from the web somewhere or capped from vhs. When the site more or less went into mothballs and then the core server [TopTown] went down completely I decided to rebuild everything. So I got the awesome domain name and started on this site.

So now the site has costs like domain and hosting. So the ads went up to cover expenses. But I hate how sites have content and ads mixed but not related. The site would suck if I just put all these ads everywhere like every other site. So I came up with an ad system that only sells stuff I have or want myself like DVDs, books or games from or posters from MovieGoods. It's a lot more complex system and slower to create, but I think it makes the site look better

And now, these ads even help the site grow by getting me a couple of new DVDs once in a while. So now, the new site's pictures are over 90% DVD caps. Plus, this site has always been all about the pictures, and all of these ads link to larger pictures of DVD covers and posters. So every ad is like a mini picture gallery too. So if I have to have ads for the site to run, at least they're the coolest ads around!

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